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My radiation oncology story:

Bob Mattocks is the website of Bob Mattocks, certified medical dosimetrist. Like many others in the radiation oncology field, I first heard about the field when my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. At that time I was working as a professional musician and decided to research radiation therapy and medical dosimetry... my love for cancer treatment was born. I decided to go back to school for radiation therapy, torturing my wife, Jennifer, with living in the dorms of SUNY Health Science Center at Syracuse. Shortly after graduating (and moving out of the dorms Jennifer loved so much) I worked as a staff therapist treating cancer patients. Over four years later, an opportunity to train as a medical dosimetrist presented itself, and I took it knowing it was going to take me away from the patient interaction I loved so much. I excelled at my training and quickly started IMRT training at one of the first clinics equipped with that technology in the country. IMRT planning appealed to the creativity side of my musical career, and my boss gave me the freedom to try new techniques with IMRT.

RA HA WBRT Nearly 20 years later, I still love and enjoy the challange of VMAT, IMRT, SBRT and HDR using Varian Eclipse 15.6 and BrachyVision. With my past experience as a network technician, I quickly became the technical director/SysAdmin at my current position. When asked if I wanted the position, the Oncologist said, "You're already doing it Bob. Might as well get paid to do it" ... again, I love figuring things out ... whether fixing a problem or in general making the process run more smoothly. Absolultely love my career! Love working with a team to cure cancer or help relieve pain. If one good thing came out of my father losing his battle against this horrible disease, it gave me a fire to always give 100% in his memory.


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